Today I would like to talk to you about the art of presence and listening. It’s something I teach that can totally change your life. So I’m very excited to talk to you about that. I want you to get to know it and learn how you can apply it to your life, so that you can have more quality time, more quality in your relationship…because it can change a lot of things in your life. This practice can also bring a deeper joy and a deeper sense of fulfillment.

What is presence? Presence is being nowhere else but in the present moment. Maybe you have already heard that term: the present moment. So it’s about being here…in the here and now. It’s actually a state of mind – the quality of attention to the current moment. It is when you don’t even know what thoughts are going through your mind…they can come and go and you’re not distracted or attentive to that. You’re just present and not lost in your thoughts. And you’re not thinking about tomorrow…about what happened yesterday…or five minutes ago…and you’re not constantly being in your head. You’re present when you are right here. Whether you are with a person, or when you are doing a task, maybe washing the dishes, and you are just there with dishes with the water how the water feels on your hands. Or there is also spontaneous presence which is something that happens when you see a rainbow, for example, you’re like, ah, and in that moment, actually what happens is that time stops. When time stops, that is spontaneous presence. And in that moment, you’re present fully there.

But in daily life, can you say that we are not living like that most of the time, well I’m very happy to tell you that it’s possible. I learned that and that’s how I’ve been living my life for 10 years.
And it has changed everything.

Learning to be in that state of presence with everyone and to be present to each and every moment gives me a sense of uncaused joy, a joy that’s always there, no matter what I do. And I realize that that joy is not about what I do, but about where I do it from.

I am connected to this presence to the depth of me. And it’s all about the difference between doing and being. Presence is about being and if you do things from a place of being rather than ‘doing,’ then the quality of what you’re doing is even stronger, deeper and better.

So, what can presence bring to your life? Presence can bring deeper relationships, a deeper quality in your relationship because people to whom you are present with they naturally feel that they matter to you. They naturally feel your love, they feel they get your whole attention. So it can be very transformative and healing for them. Because finally they feel that they are everything for someone. They have your whole attention. They’re seeing you see them like it’s very important. But also, it can be that because you give them full attention, they will require less time from you or less attention even. So the quality of attention you give to someone will be that you gain time. When you are fully present in your job and what you do in daily tasks, those tasks will take less time than usual.

So it’s very important to realize that presence can actually make you gain time. So in your job, try this with your clients – you’ll see you’re more impactful also in your communication when you present. You will reach the other person more because you’re there and connected so you will come at a deeper level with the person and what you say is going to touch them. So that’s very important. But also presence can bring you far more trust in your life because when you present, you’re right here, you breathe… your body is more relaxed, you’re more in the flow. Presence is also about being in the flow of the moment. It’s about a deeper relationship with yourself. It’s about also being more in tune with your body. And so you’re going to feel as if you’re in more peace within yourself.

And so we move on to what really is listening? Listening is actually that quality of presence that you bring into a conversation. And you are right there with the person and all that matters is what this person is saying. When you bring this quality of listening, they feel like they are everything to you. They feel that everything they say is like a jewel that they are offering to you and they feel truly heard in a way that maybe they never have before. They don’t require you to give any solution or to say anything specific, because the quality of the presence and the way you listen to them gives them everything they need. So, when you give that deep listening from a place of presence, the person will actually access their own inner wisdom, they will access something deeper within themselves. And that quality of attention will help them reconnect with a deeper part within themselves. So they will not require as much attention from you again, because you are right there with them. And they feel that they have the space to actually be who they are. So another thing that they feel when you offer that kind of listening is they feel that you trust them because you’re not giving them plenty of advice or solutions or telling them what they need to do. So you trust that there is something deeper at play. And also, because you’re not telling them what they should do. They don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with them or that they have a problem, and they feel that they are truly loved as they are.

So it is something that you would like to give to all of your relationships.. to your employees, to your clients, to your spouse, your children…

I hope, really, that I will see you someday. That you will learn how to be present in the moment, how to practice deep listening, so that the quality of your life can improve and the quality of the relationships you have can improve too. You will learn to tune in and listen to your body in a deeper way, and feel connected to your body in a deeper way. It will also get you out of your head and into your body. So it will also outgrow your vibration, your energy and you will feel that there’s something more that’s there, and that there’s a flow of life that you can tap into and then that’s where the magic happens. So I hope to see you one day and I wish you a very beautiful day. Thank you so much.