Today I would like to talk to you about awakening to your true nature. And to start that, I would like to tell you a short story about me and how awakening changed my life. In 2001, I lost my son. He was almost 14 month old, and over the course of five days he died. And you can imagine how terrible that was.

After a few months, it started to reconnect me with my inner voice, that voice that speaks silently..deep within you.. started to speak super loud to me. And before that, I didn’t even know I had an inner voice. But I started to follow it. And it completely changed my life.
And at some points, it had me living a completely different kind of experience. Once I was in Quebec, in downtown Montreal, in the middle of a festival and I was sitting on a bench. And suddenly – time stopped – and everything felt like it was just there. And I felt like I was at home. Just right there..deeply at myself. Not necessarily at a home somewhere but just at home within myself. I felt so full, so complete that I had tears in my eyes and it was just almost overwhelming. And very quickly after that, a few months later, I had another experience going in northern Quebec in Labrador. I was on a boat going in an inlet. And at the time, I was feeling going on the upper deck, and when I did and watched it the stars. It was during the night, and in Labrador there are no lights, no artificial lights. So the stars were brighter and bigger than I’ve ever seen before. And when I watched them, there I was, wow. And I felt for each of our ancestors. Each of them was right there with me. There wasn’t one missing. Everything was there. Every note that has ever been sung or played in this universe was right there, it was, again, overwhelming, I felt that I was part of this big whole, and part of everything and it completely changed me.

double exposure of a young brunette woman meditating and a peaceful landscape with yellow flowers

I felt that there was then a deeper trust within myself. I started to speak to God again and to ask plenty of things. After this trip I was asking God to show me where and then prove where it was coming, show me your moves and then poof! Proof of his moves were coming.
I was hitchhiking back then and would say, ‘I would like a car now.’

Now is the time a car would come..and the perfect person would come that I would have a deep meaningful conversation with. So what that showed me..what awakening showed me and changed my life is that it showed me that there is something greater at stake here – that there is some greater force in this universe that is at play in our life. And it should be that also for the death of my son, that actually sometimes we don’t have control over life. We have control about what we choose in the moment, the way we react to things in the moment, the attitude we have towards life…But we don’t have control over what’s happening, then we don’t have control over the consequences of a reaction.

Spiritual white light in cupped hands on a black background

So it showed me that life is a mystery. And there is a great order of things. Everything always works together for good, even if in the moment, I don’t always understand why things are the way they are.
So to tell you a little bit more about what is your true nature and walk you shortly in depth so that it makes even more sense to you. I would like to take an image, it’s the ocean and the wave.

Ocean is the background and the background of who we are, our essence in space. And if you just pay attention, you can feel that the space actually that surrounds you is not empty. If you put your attention on it, it’s actually really there. And if you just let your gaze soften and just rest wherever you are…And you’re just here, and you feel your butt on the chair. And you just hear no matter what’s going on in your head, it doesn’t matter.

You just learn to be here, there is another quality of being that’s there. And your true nature is being your true nature is that space.
It’s the silence in between what everyone knows, it’s the space between every thought. And if you start to put your attention there, you see and feel that you’re more present. You’re more at peace. There is more space within you. So it’s easier also to face your emotions or to go through whatever life may bring. You don’t take things as personally because you realize that there’s something bigger that’s there. And what it showed me actually is that we’re all one. This essence is the essence of all beings and all that is, is the essence in which the universe is birthing. And, and so it showed me that I am connected to nature. I am connected to the earth. I am connected to you. And so, my nature is taking care because taking care of everything is taking care of who I am. When I take care of the earth, when I take care of someone hurting, I actually take care of who I am. So it brings you back to giving your true nature is giving is to love is to care. It’s to be compassionate. It’s to be one with all of life to know that what you give to someone, what you give to something is what you will get back. It’s actually showing you that everything is energy, and that the reaction you have and the interaction you have with people are based on energy.

So what can awakening to your true nature do for you?
It changes everything. It shows you a bigger picture. And that you are one small thing in this universe, so it humbles you, but also that you are all that is – that you are both at the same time always interconnected.

Woman standing in tree yoga position, meditating on rock in mountains at sunset. Zen, meditation, peace

Pain is actually resisting to live – when your happiness is actually the attitude you will have towards life. Life is not always easy and peaceful and simple, but when you look at it from a certain perspective and from an aware perspective, from awareness, you actually have more space and therefore, the attitude you have towards life is different. And in that attitude, it is the happiness you have, the attitude you have towards life.

Like being with what is instead of resisting, is what changes from suffering to happiness. So, I hope this was helpful and that it may help you and give you a taste and that maybe I will see you someday because I really believe that the more we are to awaken to our true nature, the more we will give to others, the more we will be complete and whole because our true nature is also abundance and therefore, the words in our head, the words outside will add awakening to our true nature. A lot of violence that is unnecessary because we see the other as our enemy when we think we are separate from source from all of life. But when we are connected, we see that the other is actually my Savior is actually not my enemy. It’s my brother who is part of who I am. We are of the same essence. So I hope this was helpful. And I really wish I would meet you someday. And that we can all work through this beautiful earth, hand in hand, and with peace in our hearts and an uncaused joy, which also something that awakening to our true nature offers you. Thank you so much and see you soon.