I’m very happy to be with you again. I’d like to talk to you about consciousness. What is consciousness? It’s a big word that can describe many, many things and for which we could have many other words. So I want to make it as clear and as easy and simple as possible for you. So that you can connect more and more and see how your life can change from that connection… that reconnection to what you are at your core. So how could I describe consciousness? Or could I even say that we call it the universe…God’s spirit…awareness…pure presence? There’s so many words in spirituality that are used to talk about consciousness. What I would say is that it is Presence, that’s always there.

But more than talking about it, I think the easiest way for you to understand and to know what is consciousness..and awareness would be for you to experience it. So I’m going to bring you into an exploration of what always is, and what is there before any thought even comes..before your name even exists.. before your body exists, or even before the universe was born.
If you just take a moment right now, and you sit comfortably and you take a deep breath and you just allow yourself to be here.

And you let go of any thoughts. And what I mean by letting go is you just let them come and go, let them pass, and hold on to any of them and try to follow them. Right at this very moment, there’s nothing you have to do to know where you have to go. Just make sure you just hear you exactly where you are at this moment now and just let your mind rest for a while.

In order to make sure even that you’re not going into thinking, I would invite you to put your attention at the back of your head instead of the forefront. Just let your attention fall down and rest at the back of your head.

And you might see that when you do that, the attention that is always in the front is pulled away, pulled back down and your body starts to rest. And you might even feel attracted to go back into thoughts because it’s a bit empty. Just stay there for the purpose of this exercise you can go back to, you know, being all the thoughts that you want to be attentive to whatever’s going on in your mind. Right now let’s just relax here.

And just see that when you allow thinking to drop in you just rest.

If you don’t open your eyes, you don’t call your name. You’re not into anything that is external to you. You’re just here.

Realize and see that there is presence and aware presence. Because you can still say that you’re aware of external noises. Maybe even your chest beating, your heart beating.
Just the way your body feels right now. Or even your head, your mind.

Just see that when you allow everything to follow away just for a moment, not knowing who you are, where you are, what to do anything about anything… There is this aware presence that’s here to stay aware..stay conscious.
That is the background of every experience and that is that we call awareness, pure presence, consciousness..