I’m very happy to talk to you today and I will talk to you about something I call ‘movement of life.’ Movement of life is a kind of movement, a kind of a dance, that I received in 2009 as I was myself dancing…and I started to feel that my body was moving by itself. I started to feel that the movements were not coming from me directing them, or from me wanting to move my body that way, they were just coming naturally. Like, as if the body had a natural movement – and I explored that. And I started to go deeper and deeper into that exploration, which led me into a very deep state of Samadhi, where I would totally lose the awareness of the body and know that my body was moving because there were people around, but I would only come at the end of the song or seven minutes later, I would just suddenly be aware, oh, the music is gone…


So it’s really something that is very profound. It is going to connect you with who you are in truth – with your true nature. And it’s an energy movement. These somatic movements, it’s actually allowing all stuck energies in the body to move through and come back to their source.

So it’s very powerful and transformative because it has two components.

First, it reconnects you with self with your true nature with presence. And second, it moves all stuck energies and helps them move through so that they can come back to their source and you are free to be, and express more of yourself and discover more of yourself.

So what is presence? The state of presence is a quality of attention in the moment. The quality of being here right where you are, and it’s like a theta state. So, at the beginning of each session, what we do is that we bring up that presence. We do guided meditation or guided exercise or introspection, so that you can actually come in touch with this presence within you. That is like hypnosis. It’s a state where you can easily and more easily rewrite your conditioning, rewrite limiting beliefs, rewrite all the stuff from the past or patterns, and come back to what you really want to create in your life and who you truly are. So it’s very profound for that.

In a session of movement of life, you’re guided into that state of presence, that theta state, and then you just listen to the body. So the whole point of movement of life is learning to listen to the body. Does the body want to move? How does it feel once you move, maybe it wants to do big movements because you are feeling so much energy within you, you want to run and jump and slide and maybe there’s just so much in you. Maybe the body needs a lot of rest, so it doesn’t want to move for a while. So it’s all about listening to the natural movement of life within you. Listen into how the body feels and wants to move and allow that to be. And then you move for as long as the decision lasts – most of the time there is music, but not all the time.

Sometimes it’s also about you reconnecting to your own inner music. And at the end, there’s a moment of integration. So there’s a moment where you just lay down or you sit in a meditative position, and you just be there and everything that was experienced during the session to just rest. And then most of the time there’s sharing at the end. If anybody wants to share anything of their experience, or if they had an emotion during the session, they can share that too.

What can these sessions give you? Well, so many things. The first thing you’re going to find is actually it’s going to reconnect you with yourself and reconnect you to what is most intimate in you. So, by doing so, what will it bring is that you will have more ease to be in the flow of life. You will feel more aligned and will also feel far, much more alive. It will recur next year with the life force within you.

A lot of people at the end of the session say, I feel alive, like I haven’t felt in a long time. Or they say, I feel free and I felt free to dance and to be who I am like I never felt in my life. Or they will say, I feel so at peace, I feel so quiet. Or another thing that happened in the session and that people have reported that their pain disappeared, which means that people who have pain in their body and the pain was there for a while…They go through one session and because they listen to the movement in the body and the movement of the body, the pain disappears. So it can happen in one session and for deeper pain and longer pain you may want to try more sessions. I had many people coming to a five day workshop, and during the five days, one woman had shoulder pain for 20 years and she couldn’t raise her arm higher than that. At the end of the five days, she was moving however she wanted to do plenty of movement with her arms, feeling so free and pain free. And it lasted and it’s still there many months after.

Another woman came and she had huge deep tiredness she had paid all over the body, like very deep pain. She was feeling a bit depressed and not well and happy, no life. And at the end of these five days, she found life again, she found a lightness within herself. And then all things appeared, her face changed and she started to be so much more open. She came back home and her husband said ‘what happened to you? You are different.’ And then she started to see her friends and family and they were all saying the same thing. You’re so different. You feel more – you look happy. And she was and she still is. So yes, a lot of things can happen in a session of movement of life. So I’m very happy to share that with you. For you to know it, so that you can experience it too. You will see so many great benefits because you’ll reconnect with self and the truth in you. You also find your purpose, your soul’s purpose, why are you on this earth, you can also connect with a deep meaning in life, really feel the meaning of life. That’s why I am here, or just finding more joy and happiness within yourself and causeless joy and happiness, just joy of being not because of anything else. So it’s a very profound experience, and I really wish you to experience that. So I hope I’ll meet you someday at one of my workshops, or one of another facilitators workshops because I also give training so that people can facilitate it and they can become facilitators professionally. They are certified and they can spread the word and spread movement of life. So, yeah, I’m very happy to share this beautiful movement with you. And I look forward to meeting you one day.