Today I wanted to talk to you about something that’s so important for your life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

If you’re listening to this podcast you might have you may have, sometime in your life, thought that there was something wrong with you. Why? Because if you are here, you are a seeker, you’re someone that is seeking for answers, for a different way of seeing things, a different way of living, of being. And you probably have already had some quite profound exploration of who you are, what your life is about and what has happened to you. Why are you the way you are? I want to introduce a possibility that maybe, only maybe, there was never anything wrong with you. Even though you might have feelings, regular feelings even, or feelings that are constantly coming, that there must be something wrong with you… that the way you are is not okay…the way you are is not perfect…that if only you didn’t have this unworthiness, or this not good enough, or I’m never going to be able to make it…whatever you are thinking… I’m not enough. I am not loved. I am alone. There’s nobody ever thinking about me or paying attention to me. Whatever is going on through your mind. What if it was wrong? What if whatever you believed until now about yourself, not only is not true, as you may have already heard in my episode about ‘are your thoughts ever true?’

What if whatever you are thinking about yourself or believing about yourself is not only not true, but also that even if you have a sense of being insecure, or a sense of not being able to…what if that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. Or if you’re not in a relationship or you don’t have the job of your dreams, where you don’t have the amount of money you’d like to have? What if it’s not because there’s something wrong with you, because you’re never going to make it, whatever it is actually. Anything that’s going on in your life, an opportunity to discover yourself even more, an opportunity to see yourself in a way that you might have never allowed yourself to see who you are or to be who you are.

And I really would like to introduce the thought today that maybe there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe where you are, is not a problem. But if you could just in this moment, open up to what you think shouldn’t be there, and just for a moment, allowing it to be there, even if it’s a pain in your body. Maybe you’d never thought that you would have symptoms of something in your body. What if that was not wrong? What if that should be there, instead of shouldn’t be there? What would happen if you were stopping believing there’s something wrong with you. Always anything that’s going on in you.

I want to encourage you to do a small exercise. This exercise that I would encourage you to do is to take a sheet of paper and a pen. And to write down everything that you think is wrong about you, with you. Everything that you think you did wrong in your life, that you’re still holding on to in some way or another, that makes you feel not enough, guilty, or having regrets or just not really feeling at peace with yourself. Why that you believe what you’ve done is so wrong, and why that you think you’re going to be punished forever. And that every time that something is not going the way you want in your life, you take that as a punishment for from God or from the universe, or from life. From what is greater than us, proving once again that there is something wrong with you.

I would very much encourage you to do this exercise, writing down absolutely everything that comes to your mind.

Even if today it makes no logical sense to you. Just trust that as you write down your subconscious mind, it’s actually coming into the forefront, allowing you to become aware of what’s playing out in the background of your experience. If it wasn’t in your subconscious mind, it would just not come. So trust the process. And write down everything for yourself and allow yourself to be more than whatever the thought may be. You are to let go of any idea that you are not supposed to be – that there is anything that could be wrong with you. And just open up the possibility that all that you see is a weakness or something that shouldn’t be there or an experience that shouldn’t have happened. That this is actually exactly how it’s supposed to be.

That this is not that this is not an error – and open up to embrace whatever is coming up with that. As you write down these thoughts, also make another column and write down: How does it make you feel? To have these thoughts and beliefs? How did you feel when those thoughts came in to your experience?

And you can also have another column: How would you like to be? If you didn’t have the thought anymore, how would it make you feel?
What would it allow you to be and do and create?

That is a very, very powerful exercise – an exploration that will free you from long held beliefs that are not serving you today.
Free yourself to be the creation of the life that you truly desire.

So, I’m very excited for you. I’m very happy that you’re listening to this podcast, because I know that by you writing down all of it and reminding yourself that there’s nothing wrong with you. For that no matter what thought comes through your mind, they’re not true. That you are this amazing being with a huge heart, and you just want to be happy.

And just come back to that constantly.
And allow yourself to create a new experience about yourself.

I wish you an absolutely fabulous time with yourself. You are this incredible being that has the power to create worlds and to create the life exactly as you want it to.