Today I want to share with you a secret. I want to give you my secret to unlimited joy. Are you ready for this? Sit down and buckle up your seat belt, we don’t know where we’re going. So what happened is that I discovered a joy that is beyond imagining, and that has no cause and no reason. That is a joy, for no reason, a joy of being, a joy of just being connected to something that’s so much greater than us. I want to talk to you about that because it’s available for each and every one of us. More than that, it is our birthright. Joy is the smell, the flavor, the color of our true nature. So, when you follow your joy in life, you are connected with your essence – with something that is greater than you.

On my spiritual path, I discovered that very quickly. I actually started to live more and more after the death of my son in 2008. I started to live more and more from my heart. I’m just following my heart. Following my heart meant I’m following what feels right for me, what feels joyful, this feeling that is nice inside of me. And it’s true that I wasn’t living like most people. I was taking time off anytime I wanted to. I had been fired from my job as a medical rep and I went with my ex partner back then I invited him to the restaurant with champagne and celebrated the end of my contract.

Because to me, it was a ‘Yay’ moment, a new chapter opens up.

So there was something where I felt it was so right. I wanted something different, I wanted something else in my life and I was ready for it. It was two years that I had followed some therapy training to become a therapist, a reflexologist. I had studied Chinese medicine and it was a year that I was practicing added to my job. So I was a medical rep in the day and then in the evenings or sometimes weekends, I would also practice reflexology. It was amazing. I loved what I did. But when that end of contract happened, I was like, Whoa, this is the sign of the universe right? Now I’m to actually start really doing that and do only what feels right for me and not compromise anymore of myself. Anytime that I would feel after that, that I was tired of practicing what I was doing that I was taking care of people a lot being a therapist and you know being there for them. Every time I started to feel less present to them in my therapy session, I would choose and decide to actually take my backpack, take a break and go and travel.

During these years every time I would go travel to Quebec, because there was the country I discovered at the time, and I was so in love with it. And I felt it was so resourcing for me to go there. Every time that I would go there, I would connect in such a deep way with myself in a way that I didn’t know about before. And so that’s what I would do. And every trip was about connecting with another part of myself in a deeper way. So it was really amazing. And that’s what I’m talking to you about.

It’s about really connecting to what is joyful for you. What if you could be living a life full of joy each and every moment? Instead of doing what you think you should do, you do what your heart and what your spirit is really calling you to do. It doesn’t mean that you do all the time what you want because sometimes what you feel calls you into is not actually the direction where you thought you would go. Actually sometimes it’s going the other way. And you can feel that there’s something to it. So you go there, and there might be fear, it might even be Oh my God, I don’t know if I want to go there, and there’s some kind of resistance to it. But if you just let go and surrender to the fact that there’s something calling you there, you can see what happens.

I want to tell you a little bit about how I discovered the deep joy that has no reason. I was actually volunteering in the spiritual community in which I lived for a few years. That was a community about awakening to your true nature. I was volunteering there. I was being in service. I was doing service for the community and one day I was asked to go and clean the house of the main teachers. And I said, Yes…but inside I felt like, ‘no way. I’m not gonna do that.’ I started to see myself, all the judgment I had about what it means to clean the house of someone else. I was hearing my mother’s voice, talking about some people who were cleaners and would clean houses for others. And I was hearing all these judgments and how she was looking at them. Therefore, I just couldn’t accept that I would go in there because then I would be one of them, and I would lose my mother’s love. It would be just like in the way that she was looking at them as inferior to others or less worthy than others, or someone who was almost to sell their soul for money. It was quite strange, but the judgment was very strong and I saw her in everything. In that moment, all of this came to me. I was in such pain inside that I felt I can’t do this, I just can’t do this. And I really felt like a piece of shit, excuse the expression, but that’s really how I felt. I felt like I had no worth because I was asked that.

And it was very difficult for me to move into it. So at the time in the community I was in we were practicing no private thoughts. So we could share absolutely everything that was going on through our mind because we knew that these are just thoughts that are not true. It’s just thoughts going through the mind that are actually asking to be released so that we can be free. And so I was with the friends in the house that I was living in and I started to tell her all my thoughts, my feelings and my belly pain. I told her how terrible I felt, and that there was no way, I just can’t do this. And for the whole day, I was in resistance. I just couldn’t move through it. I couldn’t go past it because it was requiring me to go to a place where I just couldn’t go. This was all due to the conditioning and the judgments and what it would mean. The next day I was in such pain that I just couldn’t hold the resistance. Then I broke through and decided, ‘Okay, I’m going.’ As I went there, I actually connected with spirits – I connected with the truth of me. I decided that I was going to give everything I had, and that I would just love and be loved with everything I was doing. That if I was bringing presence into it, and that I was staying in the present moment, I knew something different would happen.

So I went there, very open and decided to let go of all the identity of not being worthy, or that what I do would define me. I had to let go of the belief that I have to prove my worth. So there I was, ready to do all of it. I started to clean, and because I was so present in the moment, so present in what I was doing and even still present to myself…my heart started to open more and more and more. At some point, I was in such an ecstatic joy and state of bliss, that I was cleaning the toilet seats, and I was imagining and thinking all the love that’s pouring through me and all the love that I’m putting in here. The next person who’s going to sit in this toilet seat is going to feel like a king or queen. I had so much love in me and pouring out, that I was in such a state of excitement and started to put music on and dance and sing and shout. I just couldn’t hold it back.

I came back from that house after three or four hours of cleaning the whole house, and came back to where I was staying… and they could not believe the transformation I went through. And for several years, I did more cleaning. I could do that. I never ever looked at anything I was doing as something that would be defining me. Or that would mean something about me or about anything about my work.

I discovered that day that the joy we are feeling is not about what we do, it’s about where we do it from.

It’s about being connected with who we are, in truth, with our true essence. It’s not about what we do, but we always have a choice where we do it from. And that realization is going to change your whole experience. So, wherever you are in your life today, if you don’t like your job, if you don’t want to do something, but you have the sense that you have to go there, or that you know, you can learn something from that very experience or that situation…well, you can choose to not go there as a victim of the situation. You can choose to not go there with resistance, but see, there’s an opportunity to learn something deeper and the beliefs that you could see are held there and preventing you from actually living what you do now. Just connect to the moment. Connect to what is, connect to what is here and now. Go and do whatever you are to be doing, and put your mind and attention only there. Because you know, you can be present no matter what you do. And if you are present, you can feel that you have more energy, that you have more joy, that your heart is more open. And you might even see some magic unfolding there. You might even start laughing or connecting with people more or having nicer relationships.

So just look at everything in another perspective, in another way, and put that connection first. Put first the kingdom of heaven because that’s really what I’ve learned throughout my whole spiritual path. If I put God first, if I put first the Kingdom of Heaven, all things would be added unto us as in the Bible. I’m not practicing the Bible. But there are some quotes that I feel are so right and so true, that I think that it’s important to remember them. Especially since they have been there for many, many, many years, thousands of years. And if you live by them, your life changes.

So put first the connection to what’s greater – to God – and you will see that there is a joy that you cannot make happen, that has no cause, that is there in the background of your experience, and that you can live in each and every moment by just connecting to that. I practice that so much that for many years after that, I would be in such a state of joy, no matter what I would be doing. If I was choosing to be angry or to experience pain or suffering or believe my thoughts again, for sure. Just kind of lose that experience. But it was always there, I just had to choose differently. The joy is always there. So just know that you don’t even have to make it happen. It’s always there when you choose it.

So I wish you very much to live these experiences, and take the time each and every day, no matter what you do, to connect to the present moment…to connect to the presence that’s always within you, and to start to see your life shifting. You will see far much more joy coming to your life, because you’re going to reconnect to what’s deeper within you – to what’s true within you.

Listen to the joy. Let that joy lead every step you make. And you’re going to see your life unfolding in a very different way. And your life taking on a new meaning. And you’re going to feel that you have a more purposeful life. So comment, let me know what’s happening and what changes for you. If you have any questions, just write it in the comments and I will answer it as soon as I can. I look forward to being with you again next week. And I wish you unlimited joy until then.