Hello, this is Armelle and I am very happy to be with you again today. Today I want to talk to you about something that I think most human beings are looking for. I want to talk to you about freedom. What is freedom? Freedom is a word that we hear a lot. I want to be free. I don’t want you to take my freedom away. But what is really being free? What is real freedom? Is it doing everything I want whenever I want – is that freedom? Is it when nobody else is telling me what I should do? What I shouldn’t do? What I could do, what I could not do? Is it freedom when nobody’s saying that to me? Or is that when I can go anywhere I want, do anything I want, anytime I want, without ever having to tell anybody what I’m doing? Is it about never having to communicate about what I’m doing? What is it? Truly? Maybe you can just even stay with that for a moment before I say anything else. Just ponder that for a minute.

Freedom is a word that we hear all the time, and one that we may speak often. I want my freedom. I don’t want anybody to take my freedom. My freedom is everything. But have you ever wondered what it means for you? What is the freedom that you’re talking about? What is the freedom that you’re looking for?

Is it free from something?

Is it free from expectation?

Is it freedom from having to be a certain way or having to do a certain thing. And if that’s the case, is that real freedom?

I want to challenge you there. Because the freedom that I’m talking about is being free – not being free from – but being free in anything. Real freedom is about being able to be in a structure and not feel diminished by it. It’s about knowing who you are. It’s about knowing your worth. It’s about not needing any definition of you. To be someone to make a difference to be something to give you worth. Real freedom is being free in the midst of a prison or jail. It’s being free, even if you can’t do everything you want. Even if you have to communicate, even if you can’t keep all your secrets, just because maybe your lover loves when you share everything about your life. And you feel like he or she is taking my freedom.

What if that was not freedom?
‘Freedom from’ something is an external freedom depending on circumstances and there’s something deeper.

And what if, until now, that’s the freedom you’ve been looking for, because that’s the only freedom you need. It’s been ‘free from’ but what if today was the day you discover something deeper to encounter?

Freedom nobody can take from you, no matter what you do.

No matter what God is asking of you, no matter what the world is asking of you, no matter what’s going on in your life, no matter where you are, no matter that there are walls around you, they’re yours.

When you define external freedom to be bound to the need to be free and define yourself out of a certain condition, or define yourself by certain specific conditions. What if that is bondage? What if that is actually being imprisoned and that freedom is just being you – no matter what the circumstances are. We live in a world where in free countries we speak about freedom all the time, maybe even your country has that as a saying, about freedom, equality, and brotherhood.

But is that freedom?

What if within you right now exactly as you are, exactly where you are, where you are physically at in your life, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. What if right in the midst of whatever is going on for you, you’re already free?

What if there’s something within you that’s already completely free? In the midst of all that?

Can you find that place?
Can you connect to it?

You can be any way you want. In a way that has no judgment, no expectation, no desire, no word. No definition that allows you to be exactly as you are in this you want to find that place within – where freedom resides – where true freedom lives forever and where you need no external circumstances in order to be free.

Can you find that place within yourself?
Can you just go within right now and connect with what’s unlimited already within you?

The freedom is already within you and has no boundary, no beginning and no end.
That which has no name, no time.

You’re going to finally be allowed to be yourself, to be you. You’re going to stop needing to conform to be a certain way, to please others, or to be loved. You’re just going to be you.

That freedom is yours now.

Even in your daily life, you can change everything every moment. That is freedom and being free inside is the true power. Because someone who is free inside, cannot be manipulated. Cannot be used or bound to anything. And can use everything that’s in the world to create a better place. Someone who is free is aware and doesn’t judge. They know everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be at this very moment.

So what if freedom was about knowing profoundly that everything is exactly as it should be? Including you, including what’s going on in your life. And that it doesn’t define you. What if that is freedom? Freedom and expressing yourself completely with everything that’s burning in you, everything that you are, everything that you want to bring to this world. Every expression, every idea, project, crazy thing that you think is possible. What if that is freedom? Freedom to be you because you’re not looking for something or someone outside of you, to define you, to make you something you are not – just be you.

To me that is freedom. And that’s what I wish for every human being. So if you came looking for true freedom, you came to the right place, my friend. That’s right here, right now.

And that is the beginning of you – be you.

Thank you so much for being here. I look forward to being with you again next week!

And I really hope that this episode was super helpful for you. So don’t hesitate, ask me any question you might have. If you want me to clarify any points in here, please comment on it. Or write on Askarmelle.com and it would be my greatest pleasure to answer you and guide you even further. Have a very, very great day and let’s meet again soon.