Hello everyone, this is Armelle and I am super happy to be with you again today. I love to be with you every week and to keep creating shows that answer your deepest desires and questions. So please keep sending them, keep asking for what you want on askarmelle.com. It would be my greatest pleasure to answer your question and to talk about the topic that truly matters to you. I already have a list of some going, but I want to hear from more of you. I want to know how best I can serve you. How can I answer the deepest concern that you have, and maybe bring you a new perspective on it? It could mean a new possibility for your life and for the rest of the world, also, because remember when we change ourselves, that’s the beginning of a change for the world as well. My favorite quote is the one from Gandhi ‘Be the change that you want to see in this world.’ And I do my very best every day to live by this quote and to live by this example. Being the change that I want to see in the world, making the difference that I want to see, and be true to myself.

So today, I’m very excited because I want to talk to you about making a difference and how to live an inspired life. How to be completely true to yourself, and live from inspiration instead of obligation. So that’s an exciting topic, right? What is living by inspiration? Well, to me, that is about following your joy. The more you follow your joy, the more you’re going to follow what’s true for you, you’re going to follow this deep feeling inside of you that says yes, good, so that you know you are going in the right direction. Then the more you can actually be inspired and inspiring to others as well. Have you ever noticed that when you are completely aligned with yourself that there is a joy in that state of excitement about your life? And when you talk about it, often you talk faster. You’ve probably even heard me actually talk quite fast because I’m often very passionate about what I speak about. It’s not just here on the air either because I remember I had an experience being in taxis in Paris, and I remember both cab drivers, from two different experiences when we started to talk and they were asking me what I was doing in my life. Both times, when I started to tell them, they got really excited about the fact that I was traveling so much and I was sharing about my purpose and that I teach people to listen to themselves and to really live from inspiration. They began asking me questions about how do you learn to listen to this small voice inside of you? And it was all very exciting and they started to speak and each time they just talked and talked and talked with so much excitement. And in less than two minutes of chatting, they were actually so excited about life, just because I was sharing my deepest passion, just because I was true to myself. I love it.

I love everything I live, there isn’t one thing in my life that I would throw away. Because I love every part of it. Even the struggles.

There isn’t one struggle that I would say, this shouldn’t have happened or this shouldn’t be or even when that happens, where think, ‘Oh, this shouldn’t be like that.’ ‘I shouldn’t feel like that’ or ‘this person shouldn’t react like that.’ No matter what comes along in my life, I look at it in a way to learn how I can grow from it. How can I learn and grow from it? Everything, every single day, every single time something happens – to me that is part of living an inspired life. When you start to live by the standards of what is true for you — instead of what you learned at school, what society dictates, what your parents wanted for you, what you think you should be doing, who you think you should be — that actually is a tremendous shift. Instead of finding or trying to find any motivation outside of yourself to live, to get up every morning, you actually turn inward and you connect with yourself. You connect with your heart and the core of you.

Yesterday I was flying actually and I met a 28 year old guy coming back from France. We were talking and I was telling him what I am doing and he was like, ‘Oh my god, I could definitely benefit from this.’ So we started to talk. I started by bringing him back to his childhood. What did you love when you were a kid? When we are kids, we know that absolutely everything is possible. We have no limits. We have no distinction between being Superman because we just have a big shirt on ourselves that looks like a cape. Or that Superman that we see on TV? Oh yeah, when I grow up, I’ll be Superman. But in the meantime, I am Superman now.

As we grow up, and we start to become more adults, we lose that ability to dream. We lose that ability to create the life we want to create. Instead we start to think in terms of respect, possibility, ‘have to,’ ‘should’ – and we lose this ability to dream. Most of the time, we hear somewhere that you should stop dreaming and start working, because it’s not your dream that is going to allow you to eat. And that is not true. Really not true. I think that our dreams are actually the jewels for true life, a true joyful, happy, amazing, meaningful life. So, dear listeners, I want to bring you back right there.

No matter where you are in your life, maybe you are already happy, maybe you already have a high purpose in life, and maybe you’re already fulfilled with that. Even then, maybe you can discover something deeper because we all have layers inside of us. And one layer that is peeled might lead to other layers, a layer that we haven’t yet seen. So I want you to take a moment and close your eyes. And I want you to remember a time when you were a kid, and where you were laughing like crazy. When you were creating worlds and stories and making up things.

And you knew that everything was possible.

For me, for example, where I’m at right now, I remember when I was six, and I started to practice gymnastics. I was so in love with Nadia Comaneci. She won the gold medal in gymnastics in the Olympics. She was the only one back then (I don’t know today), who had scored 10, 10, 10, 10 at each of the each of the elements of gymnastics for women. She was my hero. I wanted to be like her someday. I wanted to go to the Olympics like she did – so that was my focus. I was so inspired by her I actually went to gymnastics everyday. I started to really practice, and suddenly I was practicing 14 hours a week of gymnastics – doing all the competitions and winning everything. That was my main focus. That’s what I wanted to be. I did everything I could to get there. And it was crazy. My mother could not stop me in the streets. I could not walk on my feet anymore. I was walking on my hands, doing handstands, or cartwheels on the sidewalk. She was crazy with me, my mother, and every time everywhere, anytime I could I was practicing gymnastics. There wasn’t any one thing more important than that in my world for seven years. And even though I’m talking about this one thing, I could talk about plenty of other things that I believed I could be or I could achieve as a child.

What was that one thing for you?

I also know that since I was little I wanted to make a difference. I remember that I also wanted to be the Prime Minister of Belgium. I was a bit older, maybe a very young teenager, but it was the same feeling. I want to do something. I want to participate. I want to change. I want to give. I want to have influence and bring something different.

So what was it for you?
What did you dream of when you were little?

I certainly dreamt about being a singer, singing all the time. When you’re there connecting with what’s really at your core – for instance, look at the thoughts coming through your mind now – today, they say that ‘it’s not possible.’ ‘It’s too late.’ ‘Look at you. You’ve never done anything like that. How can you get there?’ And if that is the case, can you please do me a favor? Can you just not believe any of it? Can you write down everything that is coming through your mind about that very thing that came to you right now. And write down everything you see that is possible. Write down everything that you would like to be doing with that. Also, write down who you would need to become in order to live that dream? Then suddenly, you’re starting to have thoughts about how you can dare to do such a thing and what if living an inspired life was about connecting what’s true in you…in the depth of you, your joy, what is meaningful to you, and start listening to that still, small voice within you. You know the one. The one that is most of the time very quiet and silent. The one that most people never speak about because we don’t even know we have one because nobody ever told us.

That still, small voice speaks far less loud than the voice of the mind – the judgmental voice – the voice that says that ‘you can’t do that’ ‘you will not be able to’ ‘that you’re not good enough for that.’ ‘That you don’t have what it takes.’

Well under that voice of judgment…there is a voice that is quieter, that knows the truth about you. It knows the truth about this life. It knows how to get you where you want to be. It knows how you can become who you need to be in order to live this life that you dream about. And you know what, I am convinced of one thing – that one thing is that all our dreams were put there by God, or the universe, or life, consciousness, whatever you want to call it, however it resonates for you. But because it was put there by them/by God/by consciousness, it’s part of our destiny. And we have the possibility to live it.

Everything that we encounter was put there in our experience because we have the ability to go through it, to live it, to create it. It was given to us for a reason. So why shy away from that? Only because our thoughts are telling us something different. What if we just stop believing them and choose who we need to become now, and choose to be that now – each and every moment. Every morning to rehearse, to repeat and live from that place within you.

Then what if you say:

“Show me. Show me how to get there. Guide every step of my way. Put all the words that I am to speak in my mouth. Make me encounter and meet everyone that I am to meet in order to get there. You gave me a purpose. You gave me a dream. I know it’s coming from you. So then show me the path to get there. I am all yours. And I will walk this path with you. All I want is to follow you. So show me the way.”

Do you think that if you put that prayer out to God that He will show you?

Do you think that any obstacle that you’re going to meet on this path as you walk is a mistake or is also put there by God for you to overcome them? For you to become stronger? For you to not believe your thoughts and to actually push through whatever is coming in the way of you being you? Every opportunity is an opportunity for growth. Everything that comes your way is for you and for your growth. There is never anything that happens in life that’s against you. So what if you start living this way? What if you stop listening to limiting beliefs, limiting conditioning? What if you stop living by the rules of your family, your society, your friends, and you start to be true to yourself? What if you start to follow you? What if you start to get up excited every morning because there’s just another day to live? And just that is enough already. More than that, it is that you can live the life you want that day. You can make a difference in that you’re going to be the one you want to be that day. Because yes, my friends, when you follow that still, small voice within you, life is magical and you are limitless. All of this is possible because you don’t live by the rules of this world. You don’t live by the rules of your mind. You create the rules as you go. You create yourself as you go. You don’t even have to define yourself in a certain way. You can become you every moment and you can change every moment.

Because remember, every thought you think, creates or destroys, you get to choose.

Which one are you going to choose?

Are you going to start living by the rules of your heart, of your higher consciousness, of who you truly are? Are you going to dare to inspire the whole world by being you and giving selflessly the beauty of the one you are?

That’s what I want for you.

And I really hope that this episode was super helpful for you. So don’t hesitate, ask me any question you might have. If you want me to clarify any points in here, please comment on it. Or write on Askarmelle.com and it would be my greatest pleasure to answer you and guide you even further. Have a very, very great day and let’s meet again soon.