Today I want to talk to you about your thoughts…are your thoughts ever true? There’s quite a problem because we do believe our thoughts are true. We feel that our thoughts are actually talking to us about who we are. We’ve never questioned them, we really think that what our thoughts say is the truth, the absolute truth even. We’re looking for so much certainty, in general, in life that whatever is going through our mind, we believe it is us or it is true. But what if it wasn’t? And that’s really the question I want to bring up today. What if these thoughts are not you – more importantly, what if they are even not true? What if it’s distorted, whatever they are saying, they are just part of the one mind that we are, and you are just a receptor of these thoughts – but they are not you. These thoughts have nothing to do with you. They just seem to speak about maybe your past, or what you know about your family, your story or the circumstances you are living in or were brought up in…and, therefore, you believe it is you and it is true. But your thoughts just say these things based on conditioning, and the habits and how you’ve been brought up and your circumstances and the situation you’ve been brought up in and the culture you’ve been brought up in. So it’s true. We seem to be true because they relate to something that you know. But the thing is that what they say is not true.

Most of the time, when we were little, we made up our own interpretation and stories about the way our parents were, or our tutor was, or the way that people were taking care of us were (or not taking care of us). Actually, if we had parents that were very loving, or maybe we feel super wealthy, but if we had parents that were mostly violent or absent, or sometimes they were very loving and looking at us a specific way one day, that had nothing to do with us… then subconsciously, the mind makes up a story. I’m not good enough. If only I was good enough, or there was nothing wrong with me, then I would have loving parents, they would care for me, they would do this or that. And we build an idea of ideal parents. And these are all thoughts in mind. So it’s not like we cannot do this process because that’s how life happens. This is part of being human. And thinking and having a thinking mind is that these thoughts will come and conditioning will happen. It’s inevitable, it is going to happen. And we cannot prevent what’s going to happen in the mind of a child. Everyone has their life to live and their experiences to be made. So we cannot prevent anything in life that is meant to happen. What is meant to happen will happen, what is not meant to happen will never happen, no matter what we try to make it one way or the other.

So what I want you to really start living and questioning is, are the thoughts that are going on through your mind true? Are they truly yours? And for that, I would invite you to just take a moment to step back. Take a moment to be sitting right where you are, be aware that you are sitting, put your attention on your butt on the chair or on the seat that you are where you are…And take a deep breath and just gonna stay there…and start to put your attention in your mind.

…and maybe you start to feel whether it’s quiet, whether there are a lot of thoughts… if your mind is very busy or even foggy, whatever it is, it seems actually what’s supposed to be anyway. So just pay attention to what’s there.

…and start to be aware that there’s something that is aware of the thoughts, we can say you are aware of the thoughts that are going through your mind or you are aware of the fog or the emptiness or the silence. Whatever there is, you are aware.

So, what are you then? Are you the thoughts? If you can be aware of them? Can you be the thoughts that are going through your mind? Or are you that which is aware?

That isn’t the background of thought and thinking, aware of the thought or the fog or the silence. Once you’re there, stay here and enjoy that quietness. Quietness…in realizing that you are that awareness behind every experience.

And if you are that awareness that is aware of thoughts, you can then not be the thoughts because you are dead, which is prior to it. Then start looking at the thoughts that are going through your mind. How do they come? How do they arrive? How do they happen?
To call them to say, oh, this is the next thought I’m going to think…or do you see them coming as shooting stars in there and then it’s simple. Here’s a thought: and here they are.

So if you’re not the thought, and you cannot make them happen to where you would like them to happen and you cannot pull them from a hat…say this is the next thought I’m going to think…
Well, can you be the thinker of these thoughts?

You are that awareness. You are the awareness of the thinker. And your awareness is just aware of the thoughts. And I would even go further to try to create a bridge here and maybe open up something new in you and your perspective.

Is there even a thinker? Is there anybody in there? And in each of you listening in today…anyone, anybody? An entity called you? That is there inside of you thinking the thoughts? Just thoughts, peering in this awareness that I am – that you are.
So then look at…how can my thoughts then be personal even if they seem to be about me and my story, if I am not the one making them? If I am not the one choosing which one will come next?

And if there is nothing there, if there are only thoughts…Who am I then? And what are these thoughts about? Can you see that right there? There is a possibility for a new perspective on thinking and thought. Realizing that maybe they are not me. Maybe there are not you. Maybe even what they say is not true.

Let’s say that it’s been 40 years that you have this feeling inside of you, I’m not good enough and the thought that I cannot be loved. And they are both coming together and they reinforce each other. Well, what if you were questioning that? Not necessarily even where it comes from? But is it even true? Have you never, absolutely never, ever, ever been loved in your life? Did you never feel a bit of love towards you in your whole entire life?

And if that is not the case, which means then that you have at least once, been loved, maybe even for two minutes by someone looking at you with gentleness. And at that moment you felt love in your heart. And maybe it was only two minutes in your whole entire 40 years. Well, just that is to prove that you are not unloved or unlovable.

If it is the truth, it’s 100% true. If it is not 100% true, it is not true at all. It’s all or nothing.

You can’t be partly pregnant, you’re pregnant or not. That can be true or not. It cannot be half true. Truth is that thing that is the entirety. It is complete – whole – there is no discussion about it. It’s true or it’s not true. So look at any of the thoughts you have. And look at it from that perspective.

Is it completely true?
Is it 100% true?

Do I have any experience of this ever in my life? Even the smallest that is proving me the opposite of the thoughts, they keep believing what keeps running through my mind. And if that’s the case, then you can dismiss the whole belief, the whole thought, it is not true.

And what can you do then when it comes, and you don’t believe it? When the thought comes again, when the feeling comes because they will come…you to see it and say no, I’ve seen you. I’ve checked you, you are not true. I’m not going there anymore. And maybe it will require vigilance and effort and mental strength to say, ‘No, I’m not going there. No, this is not the truth about me.’ Or this is not the truth about that, or about that situation or person. And what happens in that moment is that you make a new choice. Therefore, in your brain, you make a new circuit, you create a new wiring, you say no to the old pathways in your brain. And as you do that over and over again, that pathway starts to die. And a new possibility and perspective open up for you. Now suddenly, you start to see the evidence everywhere – how good enough you are, and that you don’t have to prove anything, how loved you are without having to make it happen, control, or prove your worth. And so change is happening. And suddenly your life is a reflection of this belief, this thought that you’ve questioned. No, it was not true, that I’m not good enough, or that I’m not to be loved. And if you do that, with any and every one of your thoughts, you start to step back more and more into the awareness that’s aware of everything.

And you start to settle deeper and deeper into that peace. The peace that is always available and always there – which is our true nature. And that’s a new possibility for your life, the new possibility even for the world because by doing so, you participate in a new possibility for the whole world.

You decide to live consciously.

You choose the thoughts you start to think and change the ones that you don’t want to think anymore. And I have to tell you, every thought is a creation. Thoughts create every minute, every second, every moment, every time you believe a thought you create something. So whether you create the life you want, or you create more suffering, violence, and a world as we don’t want to live in… So here is your responsibility, our responsibility to stop believing these false thoughts. They were never true. They will never be true. But you can create who you want to be, the life you want to live, and the world you want to live in. If we all do that together, another world is possible.

So I hope it was very helpful for you please leave a comment or ask a question. Don’t forget if you have any topics you would like me to clarify or to talk about, send a question at I really look forward to talking more about what’s important for you, to answer your questions and so that we can move together towards what we want to create in life. I really do think that together, we are stronger.

So I hope to be there with you again next week. I’ll be there, will you? We have so much to do together! Have an amazing week!